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Oh my gosh guys so my coworker hands me this coffee this morning, saying they’d messed up her order so they gave her a free one.

IT IS THE BEST COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD HOLY SHIT. From a little shop around the corner, which obviously I will start frequenting. It is an almond milk latte… Never had one before (what even is almond milk?), but clearly I may start.

BUT. I made a really good pot of coffee this morning (not as good as this one though ugh) and don’t want to abandon it? Thus, double the coffee?

Will I be filled with regret at these life choices? STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES AS EVENTS WARRANT.

  1. suchwonderfulnonsense said: …….? There is no such thing as too much coffee
  2. hegemonycricket said: (But also you probably knew that). (Still though, let’s go with the Nebraska thing).
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