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We don’t have internet in the Gluten Palace yet (yes, our apartment has a name, and yes, it is everything). But, we hopefully will this weekend and I will be back in full force!

I miss you all, hopefully things have been going alright! Let me know how you’re doing in the meantime!!

I had hangover #5 of my life yesterday (whoops) (no regrets). Everyone else was in the same boat, it was a rather bleak showing. Thus, the day was spent mostly in bed + ordering a pizza to our room, before rallying around 3:00pm to go to the wedding party’s rented lakehouse for a BBQ/bonfire. Delightful times with gorgeous views.

Today will be roadtripping back to Chicago to fly back to Bahston to spend the night with my parentals in a hotel, before moving tomorrow! AHHH SO MANY THINGS.

The wedding was gorgeous, Dualie Monica even more so. Who even cares that it rained? NO ONE.

Dispatches from beautiful Charlevoix, MI!

Had a smooth journey and an epic road trip, it’s so good to see all these ladies again. Wedding tomorrow, woo woo!

I have officially moved out of my apartment! Having some Feelings, because it was my first adult working lady apartment, first place I lived in this city, 1.5 years of good memories with Flower Roomie, etc. etc.

BUT, I’m also excited for the new place with BFF Caroline (and our IN UNIT LAUNDRY) (I kind of want to call her Caroline Roomie to keep with my tradition, but maybe I should think of a descriptor… Or just call her Caroline, HAHA). It’s still in this neighborhood I know and love, the things that are changing = all upgrades, so NBD.

Flower Roomie and I had a last hurrah dinner tonight at one of our local faves. Going to attempt to do dinner together monthly, hopefully it’ll work out!

Tonight, staying with BFF Satoya before bouncing out for Dualie Monica’s wedding tomorrow. SO PSYCHED, first time I’ll have been back to the Mitten since graduating, seeing all my beloved dualies again, WEDDINGS ARE FUN, etc.

Have once again neglected to set up a queue, so will aim to do the POST A DAY thing again. Love and hugs to all! Happy long weekend!

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